Harmonize - Model - Integrity
"What is the best way to take in everyday life to lead one to
life's ideal?" The best way is to consider harmony as the first
principle to be observed; that in all circumstances and situations
and conditions one should try to harmonize with ones
fellow creatures . . . Harmony is the most essential thing in
life. . . In plain words, inharmony attracts inharmony. Whereas
harmony attracts harmony." — Hazrat Inayat Kanh

Having explored the distinct resonances carried by subtle vibrations,we can focus on harmonizing — generating a pleasing combination of elements. Whether this means establishing inner harmony,or in relationship with others, Tone 8 calls us to begin our conduct with our integrity, that we may genuinely model the truths and ideals we believe in. One definition of the code "Integrity" is the state of being whole or undivided completeness." (As modeled by the harmonious whole of the galaxy!) This tone reminds us integrity requires consistency; unwavering adherence to the wisdom and grace of our personal values.

Additionally, harmonization requires not compromise, but pliability— a willingness to bend, to meet others, to let go of personal attachments for the greater good. As we each uniquely stand as conduits of Harmony, we act as mutual role-models for one another, inspiring the establishment of Galactic Culture; actualizing the harmonious potential of our global society!

Blessed are they who translate every good thing they know
into action — even higher truths shall be revealed to them —
Peace Pilgrim