Tone and Glyph of the Day
Galactic Signiture
The 13 Tones of Creation collectively form the Wavespell cycle. Each Tone presents qualitative and numeric meaning in itself, and in relationship to the other Tones. Where the 20 Solar Tribes provide measure, the 13 Tones portray the movement of creation, showing the progression of life in interconnected stages. These universal energies govern the unfolding sequence of the 13 moons of the year, and are also found reflected in the 13 major articulations (joints) which allow our body movements (2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 hips, 2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 shoulders and 1 neck/spine.) Working with the Tones, weare invited to see life as a process, reflecting on these naturally occurring patterns of inner and outer growth. In addition to its name, each Tone has 3 specific code words — exact keys to unlock their action, power and essence. As succinct clues, these code words are the ideal point of focus to understand the unique functions of the 13 Tones. The paragraphs and geometries presented for each Tone are inspired by the codes, and merely reflect various insights one can derive from their contemplation. As a language of energies, the codes of Dreamspell offer precise portraits into the mathematical mature of fourth dimensional Time!

(Also known as the  Solar Seal)

The 20 Solar Tribes reveal 20 unique archetypes, functioning as 20 distinct evolutionary keys for the realization of human potential. Each Tribe is a store house of information. They can be understood in both a personal and macrocosmic sense. Offering universal teachings. Each of the glyph-forms beckon us to travel into their symbology to gain intuitive insight into the essential aspect of life's Mystery that they represent. In addition to its name, each Tribe has3 specific code words - keys to unlock their action, power and essence.

As succinct clues, these code words are the ideal point of focus to journey into the 20 distinct realms. paragraphs shared foreach Glyph are inspired by the code words, and merely reflect the various insights one can derive from contemplation of these codes.

As the 13 Tones show the "movement" of creation, the 20 Tribes portray the "measure" of creation, found reflected in our 20 fingers and toes!

Clicking on the Tone, Seal or Guide, as you navigate on this journey, will link you to an explanation on each symbol; giving you insight to their power and influence.

If you keep up with these codes, you will always know where I'm coming from, where I am, and where I’m going.  If you do not care. . . none of this will mean anything to you. . . nothing will be lost. . . for sure, nothing will be gained.

With that noted; you should expect a sane, but lofty ride. I have learned not to take myself too seriously. It would be a good lesson for anyone — especially you, should you decide to spin around with me on this enigmatic venture I call, The Game of Creation. 

Let’s jump on the carpet. I’ll  take you on a ride which will provide you some clues as to how the game is played  — First jump — the Critical Path It’s the Way.Galactic.htmlWhite_Wizard.htmlCritical_Path/Critical_Path.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2
Below are the definitions that describe the meanings of the tone and  glyphs
which are found daily on this site. They are transcribed verbatim
from the Thirteen Moon Natural Time Calendar which can be found

 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar offers a modern application of Ancient Mayan Time Science known as The Dreamspell. Based on the sacred mathematics of the 260-day Galactic Cycle, every day is a unique "Galactic Gateway." Each day's energy is a specific combination of one of The 13 Tones of Creation, and one of The 20 Glyphs (or Tribes). 13 x 20 = 260 different energies. The Galactic Gateway of your birth-date determines your "Galactic Signature" ~ a key into your Divine design, central to your life's destiny.Disclaimer.htmlhttp://13moon.comshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1