August 21, 2002

(The Original)


Even heaven has to begin sometime, somewhere, somehow.
Why not earth. . . why not us. . .
why not now?

Truth and Trust

While preparing this web site for launch, it became exceedingly apparent to to me, that all the time and work I had put into getting these ideas out of my head, into your browser, might be lost to the insidious cynicism that pervades the consciousness of our world society today. In what form would I put these ideas so they might be considered seriously by you and others who may happen to discover these belabored pages? There have been much greater men than I who have tried to make sense to the masses of this madness; yet their     truth is no more trusted than the Buddha, Mohammed, or Jesus the Christ.

I say this because of the seemingly growing apathy for our diminishing human condition, and the blatant disregard for the devastation we are imposing on our earthly environment. Despite all of the philosophizing, teaching and preaching, we seem to have given-up on the truth, and therefore have abandoned our trust in our humanity, garnering a distrust even in and of our individual selves, hence; a dysfunctional human condition that is reeking havoc on our biosphere. So what do you expect from a species who perceives the sun as "rising and setting" instead of seeing it "coming into, and going out of view" as it truly does?

But, alas, here speaks the "forever optimist," with a "magnificent obsession," for whom "hope springs eternal." It seems to be my fate that I live and strive (along with the others) to bring a heaven and paradise consciousness to humanity. Fortunately for me, I come from a place for which I know of what I speak.

Heaven a state of consciousness; and paradise a physical materialized reality of this state, exist for all of us, although not experienced by all of us. We need to become consciously aware of this truth, and realize that it is made less only by the overt insensitivity of the human species. If you consider yourself human, you know deep within your soul that this is true.

This web site was not created to postulate Armageddon or doomsday theories quite the contrary. As I stated before, there is evidence of heaven all around us. The truth is: We have the capacity to develop and nurture our earthly home to its intended pristine majesty, if not the will and/or the trust in ourselves to do so. The genius of the human species has brought about many miraculous innovations in just the last century alone. What prevents earth from becoming the paradise that it can and should be, is that more of us are not experiencing it rich and poor alike.

I believe, that among us (the have knots and the haves), there are enough who truly care, and who would involve themselves in something they believe would bring peace, joy and prosperity to more people all over the world. If this doesn't come-off as being too overly altruistic to you, count yourself as one who is not so cynical about humankind's prospects for a divine future. I would speculate that you are among those who could and would help make what I'm about to propose, happen. It has become my favorite past time (a delightful obsession), and if you will bear with me, you'll see just how enjoyable and fulfilling this venture can be.

The Venture

The main aim of this site is to suggest a simple, fun and realistic starting point towards making things better than what already exist on this planet, at this moment, and growing from this point exponentially, into the next millennium, by bringing more people into the fold. The more people we incorporate into making heaven happen, the more probable will be its happening. Does this not make sense?

The key to its ultimate manifestation is trust — trust in each other, and trust in our collective ability to come-up with a mechanism, and/or a person in which we all can trust. Because I don't expect a unanimous "trusting," by all of us, in any one mechanism or human being, I see us devising a check and balance system made-up of cosmic-conscious human beings and a redefined communications technology designed to bring about a cohesiveness among those who are dedicated — a human operating system, so-to-speak. Regardless of what we come-up with, we need to find a way to establish Truth and Trust. After all, in all the universe, we are all we have. . . just us and the universe.

When I first embarked upon this venture thirty years ago, it was with the expressed intent to become totally honest with myself, and to strive to give my 100% to save the world. After many trials and tribulations, I must tell you that I have just recently began to be totally honest with myself; and that I am no longer going about trying to, single-handedly, "save the world." This is more about making the world a significantly better place. . . within most of our lifetimes, and for the lifetimes of all our children including those yet to be born. This proposed endeavor is infinitely more doable and enjoyable than just saving the world, because its "Starting point" is you and me. As a matter fact, we are the precursors to saving our world. . . We save the world by serving it.

If any of this makes sense to you, and you would like to share some thoughts and ideas about doing something significant to make this world a substantially better place to live in love, with peace and joy, please click on the email link below. Join me in a dialog with others who are ready to bring together a cosmic conscious people to work in a Peaceful World Building campaign.