Paradise ozmorah

part three


Begin building first prototype — Paradise Ozmorah

After acquiring the land and establishing the first benchmark site. The students and mentors will setup the first camp on the site of the first construction; which will be the Introduction/ Orientation/ Indoctrination/ and Initiation Lodge. They will begin surveying the lay of the land, blazing trails, and clearing future construction sites during the Spring Equinox; construction on the Summer Solstice; and begin first classroom training on the Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice. This the Youth/Land/Development Corps.

An Overview of Ozmorah — the gate through which to discover the fountain of youth within.

During the early years of this quest, back when I thought I was ready to start the process of development, I begin by searching for land. I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time, so my search was done extensively in California. It was thirty-four years ago, during the year of this country's Bicentennial celebration — 1976. My goal and intent was to have acquired some acreage, at least the size of one township (approx. 36 sq. miles), by the “Fourth of July.”  In my search, during the early part of that year, I found a large ranch for sale in, Siskiyou County, near Klamath National Forest, in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. 

Before accepting the real estate agent's offer to fly me over the land in a helicopter, I decided to do some research of the area, to see if it would meet the criteria I had set for the retreat. What I found was phenomenal. My discovery awed me so much that I canceled all interest I had in the ranch; loaded up my car and drove up to see it for myself. The details of this adventure are recorded in a work I call, "The Serpent's Book of Knowledge and Wisdom," which I'll present in more detail later. It is also the " Second Search" in The Game — the search for paradise (the "First Search" is for the Wizard).

What I discovered was a beautiful 1200 acre lake in the middle of a forest reserve, within a national forest. Although this was not something I might be able to purchase, it brought an idea to mind. "Maybe the United States Government would be a benefactor to (and beneficiary of) this 'Idea of the Ideal.” With this thought (remember, I'm a dreamer), I decided to “go back to the drawing board," using this magnificent site as the quintessential model for the physical location of "heaven on earth." 

Using this site as our model, I will now attempt to give you a narrative sketch of the overall development. 

First Sight

Let us imagine we are entering the development zone (the National Forest) by way of a small plane coming in from San Francisco. It is a bright clear day. What do we see? . . nothing but trees. In a mountainous region of tall pines and oak trees, streams, meadows, creeks, and small lakes, we see, coming into view in the distance, what appears to be a large ring of buildings structured around a distance of five miles square. This ring is the outer circle of Ozmorah. The pilot flies us right over the center of the complex, exclaiming that, "This is where all the power is. This is the 'Core' of the development. What we see is a circle of architectural structures about one mile in diameter, with a central structure surrounded by a large body of water. 

It appears to be some kind of temple. "Hummm, very interesting."
One mile outside the "perimeter ring" is the boundary of the entire complex experiment. A raised Super Sky Way runs around all four sides, just outside its borders — six miles in each direction. As we come in for a landing at the air strip, on the outer side of the highway, we can see exit ramps leading to parking areas, under the Sky Way, adjacent to a frontage road that runs along side a block-paved promenade full of vibrant human activity.

Our guide has explained to us that this six-mile long stretch, is the south side of four that boarders Paradise Ozmorah, and which provides a world marketplace-outlet for the latest innovations in products, and services developed by the Fortune 1000 corporations and the Ozmorian inhabitants. Also in this marketplace, is the finest produce grown and harvested on the planet. Each side has a small international airstrip which accommodates people from all over the world, specifically for the guest of Paradise Ozmorah.

The Promenade

After embarking from the plane, we confirm our reservations for our "VIP" helicopter tour over the village. We have some time. Let's take a quick tour of the marketplace. There is a shuttle waiting for us at the concourse gazebo. As we walk towards the shuttle, you can't help but be completely intoxicated and mesmerized by the variety of flowers and foliage everywhere. There is an abundance of birds and water fountains in gardens dispersed throughout the entire area. The shuttle smoothly and silently winds its way through this garden-maze to the tree-lined frontage road we saw from the plane. What a wonderfully festive scene we see.

Between the "to and fro" shuttles ( these are slow-moving park-like benches facing outward, riding on a rail ), people from every walk of life — all nationalities, races, ages, shapes, sizes, creeds and colors — are biking on a bike path with every conceivable kind of bike you can imagine, or on the inside of the shuttle railway, they are skating and running. On the promenade, they are; walking, sitting, talking, laughing, singing and just plain having a joyous good-ol'-time.

Some are carousing around tiny little shops along the promenade. It is reminiscent of boardwalks and midway carnivals, only much, much more. Just behind the cadre of shops, through large portals, reveals an open courtyard with an extensive fresh produce market that is being run and operated by agriculture students of Ozmorah. There are mimes, musicians, tumblers and street artists everywhere. There is an amphitheater nestled in a park-like setting which leads to a large plaza entering a grandiose sky-lighted shopping mall. Beyond the mall is a botanical garden with swan lakes, waterfalls and fountains. There are pathways, gazebos, and areas for picnicking on well manicured lawns that stretch out to large clover and corn fields far into the distance.

The Sky Tour

On our way back to the heliport the guide explained that there are two such "Holiday Havens" like this, on each quadrant border, with lodging and recreational facilities in large park-like forest reserves between each quadrant (much like a Disney World). On each corner of the complex is located a large corporate business park. Behind them are manufacturing and utility complexes All of these facilities are the interface to Ozmorah. They are open to the segment of the general public that desires to earn membership "points and credits" towards becoming resident members. (This will be explained later in the orientation meeting)

Now, back in the helicopter, flying over and around each corner, we can see the cloverleaf interchanges of the Sky Way, the organic architecture and the garden plazas that link them. Each boundary corner represents a uniquely diverse quality of "POz," showing off its commercial brilliance and cooperation. Each is exhibiting a distinct aspect of commerce that epitomize the spirit of unity and respect for  the land and the people beyond its borders. We can see express monorails running from corner to corner, around the perimeter and diagonally to each of the Commerce Corporate Commons.

As we fly closer, around the perimeter, we can make out the features of a smaller monorail system traversing the interior, weaving in and out of the buildings, hills and surface terrain. The land around the buildings are beautifully manicured garden-parks adorned with; lily ponds, fountains and waterfalls covering large expanses of horticultural and botnical splendor. We continue to follow the path of the monorail which is traveling inward over the landscape like a spiral. It is a dual monorail system that is traveling in both directions - to and from the center of the complex. 

Along the spiral railway, we see small substations which serve as links to promenades that lead through garden parkways, plazas, courtyards and concourses throughout the hills and valleys of the forest. And from each of these there are smaller trails that lead to quaint little Gnome-like villages (people-size) which are designed to give these areas the look of a fantasy fairyland in an enchanted forest. Ah, yes, this is Paradise Ozmorah.

From the center of the complex, we fly around the "Temple Core," where we see the monorail express system disappear below the plaza at its outer rim, and come out on the other side. We then follow it along one of the diagonal shuttle thoroughfares that run along each side of the monorail express system. We see people embarking at what looks to be a transfer station that extends the ride back to the outside "ring," where there are underground parking structures and monorail boarding stations, one mile from the outer "interface" boundaries. These stations receive and transport the guest and members of Ozmorah to their lodging and guided tours upon completion of the registration and orientation sessions. The corn and clover fields we saw earlier, from the botanical gardens, smell sweet and make-up the agricultural ring of the development, and serve as the outside boundary of a forest reserve, with a natural wildlife preserve enclosed behind a natural fence-border just beyond it. 

The Universe City campus is dispersed throughout the residential commons and community center. It is the home of the Nature Academy and Enlightenment Center.

The sky tour, having ended, has us landing at a heliport atop one of the parking structures at the outer rim. Except for specialized service vehicles, automobiles are not allowed beyond this structure. After a soft landing we disembark through a two-story high, sky-lit-dome-covered porthole in the roof, adorned with beautiful foliage and tall stately trees. We are led to a large reception gallery where people are checking-in for their visit amongst an array of food, music and dance fiesta. The excitement is vibrating everywhere. No doubt about it; this is a grand celebration.

The Reception
After being greeted graciously by the host stationed at the bottom of the cascading stairway entrance, we are given Palm Pilots programmed with an itinerary and guide map. It is explained that the reception is divided into three functions: Festival, Registration, Introduction/Orientation. The host will than prepare everyone for the much anticipated Transport and Promenade Tours which will take the entire day to complete.
The Festival

The reception area was a large domed atrium, laid out much like a museum or art gallery with photos, architectural renderings and models depicting different stages of development in various areas of the project. lounge pits were disperse throughout. Each pit (named after one of the planets in the solar system) had its own array of sumptuous food and drinks on an ornately decorated buffet counter. We are invited to sign in with our Palm Pilots. When logged in we were instantly registered, and our names would show on a monitor which hang from the ceiling in front of the pit. Our lounge was named,"Earth." This, then, became our designated area during the reception.


There are three types of registrations. Each has a different status which provides specific levels of accommodations, services, perks and privileges. They are:

	•	Non-members — These are honored guest who have been invited by members or who have responded to an official invitation on the Internet, TV, magazine ad, or special promotion.

	•	Guest Members — Rank and file members visiting for the first time after accumulating enough points and credits from playing The Game. They have full access to all public facilities and can participate in the events and activities for which they qualify.

	•	Resident Members — Lifetime members who have earned enough credit to exchange for one of ten levels of accommodations and benefits. These members have all inclusive privileges plus access to Private Membership, Ltd. — which is group of dedicated participants and contributors of and to the project.

All Guest and Nonmembers are required to register upon arrival. All Nonmembers and first-time Guest Members are required to attend the Introduction ceremonies which are hosted by Full-time Resident Members on a rotation basis. All but full-time Resident members are required to attend an update orientation which will include transport tours through the entire complex.


Once signed-in, we began mingling with the other guest and members who were meandering throughout the exhibits along the outer wall behind the lounge pits. In front of the pits was a platform stage and band stand. Behind it, a large panoramic screen was being revealed as a podium began to rise silently out of the floor. A soft gong could be heard getting progressively loader in the background of the festival music which was becoming more and more silent until the sound of the gong was predominant. The screen began to flash, "Welcome" in many languages with an artistic menagerie of colors and images dancing across its surface.

Entering from both sides of the platform/stage, in cadence with the gong the, host and hostesses came to gather, joined hands, bowed and raised their clasped hands in unison to sang a "Welcome to Paradise Ozmorah" greeting to the gathering. The formal presentation has now begun. The gong stops and a multimedia presentation begins on the screen as a New Age melody silently plays in the background. The first of ten hosts introduces herself as the director of reception while turning to describe the images being highlighted on the screen. We are being given an overview of the project in different stages of development as seen from the sky. It became apparent that this was the same sky tour we experienced earlier. One by one the host took to the podium to introduce themselves and describe a different portion of the presentation which included close-up views of people working and playing throughout the complex.


Although there are no laws in Paradise Ozmorah, there is a standard of protocol which is observed by everyone. They are listed in the Palm Pilot Pocket Book under, "Paradise Protocol" with the first on the list being "Respect." The audience is directed to silently read each and then asked if there are any questions concerning any. After all questions have been answered. We are directed to the pull up the map and legend in the Pocket Book. We are instructed how to use it to learn the layout of the complex and how to access any service or facility. Each member/guest has diagram of their accommodations and the various idiosyncrasies, all being unique and personalized.

After a brief ceremonial closing, we are now being assigned to a transport vehicle which will depart in an hour, giving us time to wrap-up finale details. It is explained that first time visitors are required to take the complete tour, while those who have visited before may exit after observing the most recent stages of development since their last visit.

Transport Tours

On each side of the stage are ramp corridors that lead out to the monorail transport terminal. Each module, called a "gondola" was designated with the name of a planet and carried ten passengers which corresponds to the number of seats in the lounge pits. Our unit was the first to be boarded. It had the same decor as our lounge, with soft music, fresh fruit, flowers, a juice and wine dispenser, a large rectangular monitor set in the side wall of the cabin. Our gondola had the designation: "Earth."

The acceleration was so smooth and silent that we hardly noticed when we began to leave the station. Images of the monorail system began to emerge on the screen, showing our transport as a yellow dot on a track line with green-dot destinations of the various sites along our tour route. The voice of one of the host begins to detail our tour by describing that the first stop will be at the flashing green light: First stop —Corporate Park Plaza—IBM.

Tour Sites (POz Part 4 )