Part four
Tour Sites

The first three parts of this presentation was a hypothetical diagram of a virtual development scheme. Because there is no actual location yet identified, a map has been drawn generically to describe the components incorporated in the design of Paradise Ozmorah. The actual creation will  be designed around the indigenous characteristics of the land, the environment and, of course around the ideas of those who contribute to, and participate in, its development.

	•	Corporate Park Plazas — On each corner and on the perimeter between each corner of the development are Corporate Anchors. These are companies who where the first to support the initiatives of the development .For a 6 million dollar donation, they where granted the right to establish a corporate research and development center for the purpose of initiating prototype innovations to be showcased in Paradise Ozmorah. Included in this array of structures is a state of the art medical research center and hospital.

	•	Energy Centers — Between each corporate park is situated a solar and wind generated energy complex which provides electricity to the development. Sub stations are scattered throughout the entire development with the storage and distribution infrastructure constructed entirely underground.

	•	Farmstead Omega — One large farm completely fenced in encircles the residential and civic core, serving as a natural barrier to the outside world

	•	Nature Reserve — This reserve is established just inside the farmstead surrounding the core and open to the residential commons by a groomed parkway boarder with a labyrinth of walking, skating, skiing, biking and hiking trails paralleling and intertwining throughout the forest and city landscapes.

	   •	 UniverseCity — The education facilities are dispersed throughout the entire complex with the main campus surrounding the Festival Square The Forum and Sports Arena.

	•	Festival Square — A multi-fountain plaza with kiosk located and crisscrossed through its center, and flanking its perimeter with the very center displaying a large fountain pool. This is where the artisans and craftsmen display and sell their work. There is also an amphitheater built out from The Forum Temple.

	•	Communication Center — A multimedia network studio.

	•	The Forum — This structure houses the art gallery, performing arts theater on the Festival Square side, and the convention center and exhibition hall on the sports arena side, flanked by two large casino hotels— two of the major profit centers of the complex.(see Critical Mass)

	•	The Arcades — The Gaming Center of Ozmorah, these edutainment enclaves annex the Hotels that flank The Forum. One designed for children, and the other for adults. Both offer casino-type gaming except that 100% of players "loses" go to the development fund of Paradise Ozmorah. The players earn points and credits. See Gaming Rationale — Starting From The Top (this will be presented in detail when the site is launched on Earth Day — April 22, 2010 — a very significant date)

	•	KnuckleHut Gnome Village — The child care center, designed by students	

    •    BoneKnucle Wellness Institute — Fitness facilitation complex
Promenade Tours —

A Day in the Life —

The Game Fiesta —

The Merit Medium awards/ points and credits rationale

The Opportunity Offer

Graduated Ownership — When becoming initiated into the program at The One Book Bookstore, prospective members are offered an opportunity to invest in the long-range scope of the project, which is designed to provide the member with full residency, rights and privileges of the Paradise Ozmorian development concept. There are five registration categories — Student/Candidate, Participant/Activist, Contributor, Participating Contributor and Stockholder; with Stockholder having the highest potential for greatest return on investment.

This is a plan whereby the registered members are able to purchase stock in the development project at the lowest level, with various opportunities to rise to higher levels through gradual, incremental steps of ownership in the entire project. 
This will be implemented by offering plans of participation and contribution known as Prophecy Packages which can be limited to "Right to Use" (convertible short term) agreements or "Deeded Ownership" (negotiable lifetime investment) agreements. Either agreement has "graduated" provision options. As the project concept expands, so does the membership.

	•	Visiting Guest — non members who visit the retreat by invitation only. They have limited access and pay full price, in US currency, for all amenities and services. Lodging includes food and transportation. During their stay, they will be invited to sit in on a multimedia presentation which will offer them a ground floor opportunity to become members. A Ground Floor Opportunity Package is one where the cost to join is geared to the stage of development. As the retreat project's level of services and amenities rise, so does the cost of membership.

	•	Visiting Member — a member who is an active participant in one of four levels of development. Currency is Merit Award Exchange Medium (also known as M.A.X.M.) which are accumulated points and credits encoded in a Trinket Wallet (bracelet, ring or pendant). These members have full access to all facilities and services including the right to earn Merit Awards, and to pledge/purchase stock.

	•	Part-time Resident Member — has risen to a level of contribution and has earned enough credit to petition for a position to service on the complex. These service stints are for periods of three months or more. The member's lodging, meals and transportation are compensation for services rendered.

	•	Full-time Resident Member —

	•	Vested Resident Member —

Within each plan there is an accommodations package which correlates the number of people with the designed living capacity of the accommodations, ranging from a single-person-hut (designed for one, but two could survive in one) to full household accommodation for as many as twelve. They are as follows:

	•	The Sunbox Hut — a 12x12 two level structure that will accommodate one or sleep two comfortably. All in remote sites located exclusively in the forest reserve. These units are used primarily to accommodate the students, and those members who are on a spiritual retreat seeking solitude and serenity. Most are situated on or near herb garden arbors.

	•	Condos of the Commons — units built in clusters on the boundaries of the farmstead at the outer limits of UniverseCity. Each cluster of Condos is situated between a park on one side and a game and activity court on the other with another cluster built between another system. There units will sleep from two to eight depending on the design configuration Path and trails lead between the fields through the woods, into the forest reserve, to the hut sites.

	•	The Cottage — these whimsically designed little houses are the first level of accommodations that are available for living in all four seasons, with a minimum stay to be at least three months. They are all located in the farming areas, separated by fields and wooded areas. First priority for assigning these units is given to the members who want to earn their points and credits from farming activities. They will accommodate from four to six, and are accompanied with a small barn and a four-horse stable (implement barn).

	•	The Abode — Three to four bedroom units requiring at least a six mouth stay. They are designed to accommodate up to twelve people and are scattered in various areas throughout the entire complex. Each unit is artistically designed to compliment a uniquely beautiful site. They are available only to the highest level of membership.

	•	The Domain — Privilege is given to Vested Full-time Resident to own and build any size, or style home or monument of their choice with no restrictions whatsoever. They are granted one to ten acres of land in secluded enclaves of the retreat. Must have earned the title of, "Wizard Sage" in The Game of Creation.

Points and Credits can only be earned by the members, from the participation and contribution to the design and development of the Project, after being approved by a consensus of an appointed review board.

By the way, there is such a place as that which I have described in the third part of this presentation: in Siskiyou County, California near Klamath National Forest, in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. The image at the top and the one below are of Ukonom Lake, at the center of a National Forest Reserve — “We, the people” already own it.

. . . to be continued. . .