Heaven is Earth
Part One of Four

Hello, Welcome to Ozmorah
a prototype experiment in cyberspace
My name is, Azteca AlphaZeta
I am the Amazon Goddess of Paradise Ozmorah
AAdrienn and I will serve as your hosts and guides during your visit. Please excuse our dust, as we are still under construction. You already know that things are beginning to happen.

This meeting is to brief you on our progress with this virtual cyber-space-master-plan. We value your input, so feel free to contribute at anytime from now until this tour and tutorial is over. 

Although it is touted to be "a place of no return", It is not a one way trip. This site is an interactive venture which seeks pro-active individuals who are prepared to get things done. This presentation will take about one hour to complete.

If you are not here to work, this venture is not for you.
Do not waste your time here.
This is where you get off.
Your hour is up.
Thank you for coming.
If you are here because you believe that the human  species has the capacity to create an Ideal environment for which to manifest harmony with each other, and the earth upon which we stand; and are here to discover how you might be of service in the creation of a “human operating system” which will implement a plan that will aid our children in building a better future for their children —
 you have come to the right place. We need you.
The preamble above is an excerpt from a fantasy/ fairy tale/game/puzzle I have been designing  for over thirty years. The words you are reading now make-up The Way of the Wizard  tutorial game-plan which will provide the codes and clues to unlocking the mind-vault of the WizardSage. When you read anything written in this color, I am writing directly to you.

This part of the game outlines the planed outcome of a Peaceful World Building Initiative, and will be updated each day until its completion on April 20th 2011. Any questions, corrections, comments, critiques or criticisms will be greatly appreciated.

The Day of Destiny, August 13, 1999, is when this latest venture into this Fantasy/Fairy tale role-playing game was originally planned to take off — at the end of the beginning of a new story. However, it has become organic, taking on a life of its own, and is still being written even as you are reading these words.  Where it is going? Only the wizard knows. It will be interesting to find out though, because this story is designed to be written by you — the students of this academy. (this link just gives one example of the type of educational facility POz is modeled after). If you gotten this far into this site, you have already become a part of The Game. You need only to reveal your character by joining a silent critical mass of cosmic consciousness that seeks to create the Ideal. 

This may read like a fantasy/fairy tale, but it is as real as your ability to imagine. Your character in the story is what makes it so. It is you participation and/or contribution that will guaranty its success or failure.

It is suggested that these stories make up the structural components for designing The Game, and a park revolving around a Holistic Wellness Education and Recreation Retreat which will serve as the foundation platform for the over-all theme — “Within each of flows the Fountain of Our Youth. We must put our mind and our spirit in the body of Mother Earth to get there”

Members of the Storytelling Team will create stories around the premise that we are a progeny of Mother Earth, and are destined to become extinct unless we discover, before it is too late, that our true purpose for existing is to establish a symbiotic relationship with her. We are the Custodial Stewards of Earth. These stories will depict the wisdom in the adoption of harmonious and synergistic activities; bestowing benefits derived from passion, compassion, unity and cooperation. They will reveal the precious treasures of Earth, discovered in the pursuit of a perfect life — a life with love, peace, and a pure and perfect bliss. Because it is intended to be written by the masses, it could very well become, “The Epic Paradigm of the Ages — The CyberBible of the Third Millennium.”

These stories will also outline the qualifications for registration into the "Corps of Sages" — the first 144,000 contributors of the ideas, which are offered and accepted, toward creating the "Ideal." They will be among the first to be admitted into the 21st Century Grand Opening celebration of the first prototype — Paradise Ozmorah Theme Park and Wellness Retreat on the "Day out of Time — 2011".

(Note - the number "144,000" is just an arbitrary figure, set to emphasis that "time is of the essence." It is to encourage and reward those who seize the opportunity now — giving the project impetus, momentum and a finite number to aim for — no more, no less — they are chosen only because they chose themselves)

Design and Develop The Heaven Quest Concept — Poz Pt 2