Design and Develop The Heaven Quest Concept — Completed

The overall concept will be initially introduced on the www.(the Internet). It encompasses an offering to people, from all walks of life, an opportunity to participate in the design, construction, and development process of a monumental prototype experiment. 

This experiment will seek to provide a means by which contributors can begin applying their collective genius to preserve, beautify, quantify, and advance the evolutionary development of the planet Earth, specifically for those yet to be born.

Presentation of the concept will start by acknowledging various achievements of the more successful individuals, organizations and institutions who have exhibited or expressed compassion for that part of the world society which suffers most, the current systemic inequities. Through a process of "waking -this-world-up" to the possibilities inherent in a Divine Creation, these individuals will establish, and advance a consensus of action-oriented propositions — One, being to put together a plan to organize an outreach program that brings together the expertise and resources for developing a "critical path" strategy; targeting the powers that be, i.e.; international governments, corporations, benevolent and philanthropic foundations; as well as religious and educational institutions, to name a few. The idea here is to tap into all resources of passion and compassion to focus on one central plan of action. Bold, to be sure, but infinitely possible.

The goal is to eventually, involve every benevolently organized entity into one all encompassing “gestalt”organization that promotes the advancement of the word society towards a heaven-like existence. This will be accomplished by grouping the challenges by category and applying synergistic cooperation to the over-all objective of the project; which has its primary objective to alleviate suffering. 

Keeping in mind that although we are concentrating and maximizing energy to get things done, everything is approached with an adventurous, spirited and joyful pursuit to achieve the "Ideal."

Design and market The Fortune 1000 7 Billion Dollar — "Peaceful World Investment Fund”

This fund is to be established for the purpose of designing and building the first prototype of Ozmorah. Each of the 1000 most successful corporations of the world will be offered an opportunity to participate by contributing  7 million dollars to the fund that will provide them with the privilege to establish a corporate design, research and development headquarters on a 640 acre complex. In order to qualify, each company must submit a proposal outlining their contribution to the development of the project, complete with a full plan of execution and an outline of the future benefits derived by the new world society. These companies will agree to cooperate, and collaborate with each other towards accomplishing significant achievements that might not otherwise be realized, were they in full competition with each other.

Begin General Public Survey and Registration Campaign

This survey will be designed to gather a consensus as to what would be the "Ideal" environment conducive to life in the moment, and the evolution of life in the future. What would haven be for humanity? 

In order to qualify to participate in the survey, the participant must simply express a desire to be instrumental in developing a world of compassion.

One example of a questionnaire might be a listing of ten items to be prioritize, in the order of importance, by the willing participant. It will also include the option to add five items that are not listed. This survey would be made available to every man, woman and child who exhibits the ability to comprehend the questions; understand the meaning of, and purpose for the survey. The questionnaires will be tabulated to establish a foundation for the initial scope of the design process.

Begin Recruiting the Ground Crew

From the Cosmic Grid of The Game, we will find recruits for students and mentors. It is here, on the Internet, that the Heaven Quest Questionnaire and the Personification Profile will first be introduced. Mentors and students alike — those who have a serious interest in becoming members, will also be required to submit a detailed outline, proposal, or thesis on how they would go about "saving the world" were they to have access to Seven Billion dollars and unlimited human resources.(do you see where I'm going with this?)

The Game will have established several categorical objectives for the initial Youth/Land Development Project. Each registrant will chose the category of their expertise or interest. A core group of experts in each category will select the winners. When all positions are filled in each category a formal class syllabus will be created by students and mentors for the first phase of development.

First phase training will begin in a specially designed training facility that will provide the students with pre-development training in natural environmental science; camping lore, wilderness survival skills; basic architectural construction technology; and construction skills; trailblazing and site preparation procedures.

Establish Land Acquisition Team

An initial team of students and their mentors — topographers; surveyors; geologist; architects; urban and rural planners will be organized to locate large tracts of undeveloped rural property located in states that have four distinct seasons. (my first choice being, Wisconsin or Arkansas, of course) The criteria for this land will be that it is at least 24,000 contiguous acres; have artesian springs, and at least 25% of its acres suitable for farming; 25% for lakes and recreation; and the remainder for human and animal habitat. 70% should be wooded and at least 50% of that in rolling hills. The tillable soil should be rich and at least one foot deep — God's Country.

Part Two