The Human Element

It’s not just the character of one individual, but the nature of us all which will determine our divinity, and our destiny as a species surviving the future cataclysms of the cosmos. We are of the critical mass of consciousness of the human species that perceives  all things cosmically.

These words are of a revelation I had just before starting this message to  you.  After segueing one Dreamspell into the beginning of another, I am more conscious of my destiny and my purpose, when we all have arrived at that moment of truth — that moment when we look into each others eyes witnessing the light reflecting the goodness in our wholeness and the purity   of our hearts.

On this day, like all days before and after, regardless of the relationship; we are all kin. The bird, the bee, the flower, the tree, you and me are One. We are among the higher consciousness of earth; those of us who know this know that it is incumbent upon us to act in accordance with the Law of Totality — All there is. . . no more. . . no less. Oblivion is much more than the abandonment of ones self. It is finite and infinite like existence. It is total. Not planning to forever exist is like: preparing for obliviousness — Extinction.

We, as a whole species, have yet to determine our birthright. as one, whole unit  in and of the fabric of *All* life; although we are experiencing the whole unit  separately as individuals. It’s not a wonder that we are so confused as a so-called, intelligent organism.  We are disconnected; yet we function; though not to our potential. Now is the time to perceive our planet earth from a cosmic perspective; conceive the heaven we desire to achieve; and achieve it.

If we are to ascend to loftier ideas like: love, peace, joy and bliss. . . we must be loving; we must be peaceful; we must be joyful; as being contained in a sea of  never-ending bliss.

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