White Wizard
Enchants - Timelessness - Receptivity
. . . untie the past, or its impact will last. . .
. . . don't worry or hurry to reach the future,
 it surely will never arrive. . .

The White Wizard represents the power of the "jaguar," the "shaman," the night-seer," the "Earth wizard." Wizard says: The Time is Always Now: The present moment is your field of play. As the canvas of nature's cycles, you are Time! Being receptive to your inner autonomous sense of timing — being on time with your Self — assures you will naturally be on time with your outer reality; Enchantment emerges from receptivity to the expanse of the present moment.

Wizards cast spells; enchantments. Spells are but personal myths that craft and define our lives. Spells remind us that words and beliefs have magical powers that generates states of fascination and enchantment. By becoming conscious of the spells we are casting through our words and beliefs we can refine them and thereby magically shift our lives.

Receptivity invites authenticity, transparency, and healing. When we are ready to receive one another, deep truths feel welcomed into expression. Connecting soul to soul without guard, the collaborative forces of enchantment are unleashed. Let us be receptive to the omnipresent sacredness of existence, complete with its blessings and its challenges.

Timelessness is an energetic dimension which has been masked by a linear notion of time. Together we are remembering that Time is the Universal Factor of Synchronization! The present moment is always a living oracle! May the Wizard arise and break the spell of artificial time!