White Worldbridger
Equalizes - Death - Opportunity

You were, you will be. Know this while you are. Your spirit has
traveled both long and afar. It rose from the source, to the
source it returns. The spark which was lighted eternally burns."
 — The Maori

Worldbridger represents revelation; realization of the physical body; the organic  balance of life and death; the realm of neutrality which facilitates the bridging and connection; intimate exchange with the spirit of the ancestors. As the force of equalization, the inevitability of death humbles us all.

As we contemplate how all things have an eventual ending. we are drawn to the richness of Now. With the perception that Death = Opportunity we find a sacred key that speaks not only of our imminent passing beyond this  physical body, but also in regards to ego death. By continually shedding what no longer serves, we learn to yield to death as a natural overturning of cyclical processes. Releasing identities and surrendering attachments grants us access to new worlds!

Worldbridger asks" what within your life is asking to be let go of, or indeed to make way for a new cycle to begin? What is discovered when you contemplate our human mortality? How can we overcome fear of Death and find trust in the journey of life? Let us welcome the power of death to liberate us from self-defeating habits, fears and limitations! A succinct mantra for aligning with Worldbridger power is: "I surrender to opportunity!"

"When you know that you are only wearing the body which
can be destroyed — that you are the reality *which*activates*
the body and cannot be destroyed — how can you be
afraid? — Peace Pilgrim