Even heaven has to begin sometime, somewhere, somehow.
Why not us. . . why not earth. . . 
why not now?

Truth , Trust and Harmony 

If I where to quit everything but what it took to stay healthy enough to complete this work, I will have lived to be an old man indeed.  However, becoming old is not the prime objective; completing this work is.

I have spent the greater part of my adult life with  this  project as my vocation and advocation. . . finally coming to the end of a quest which has brought so much pleasure to my life, it’s  now time to let go. 

I realize, after all these years trying to perfect it, that it can only be made perfect when you share your vision, in your way, as I am sharing with you in mine. Only then can we have a shared vision of a heavenly future that could be potentially shared by All.

Beginning with the  signature image above, if you do not get this; don’t waste your time. It would only be fairy tale and fantasy to you; an enigma of the mind  unravelled in a game of time. It is only meant for those who do get this. . . those who know that we are already in heaven; and that when we All get this, we shall then create paradise for All.

This work is conceived to demonstrate how we  — the 1% Cosmic Conscious Critical Mass — can bring this “paradise” to the masses within the next thousand years. 70,000,000 human souls committed to the task will achieve the dream of attaining human perfection; existing in an earthly paradise; All while experiencing eternal bliss.

The key is in how we learn to trust each other while creating an environment of truthfulness in order that we may live in harmony with all things of this earth. It is as simple as that — simple, eloquent, and sweet. . . but, alas, not easy. This work is aimed at the highest and most good; and it is without limit. It’s is the ultimate challenge, not meant for the faint of heart

Journey with me and I’ll demonstrate, in words, how this can be real.